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Election Prediction Markets

by Kevin Kelly on January 23rd, 02008

The Iowa Electronic Markets (IEM) trades real money in bets on future cultural events. Prediction markets sell contracts for an easily decidable future event (someone wins an election, a commodity hits a certain price, a movie sells X number of tickets). If that contract comes true, the different between what the price of the contract. . .   Read More

How Not to Do a Time Capsule

by Kevin Kelly on January 18th, 02008

A buried time capsule is a popular way to mark an anniversary for a school or community. Hundreds of thousands of capsules have been buried in the last 50 years. Every now and then one is remembered and resurrected. In 1957 the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma entombed a brand new 1957 Plymouth Belvedere, stuffed with. . .   Read More


by Kevin Kelly on December 27th, 02007

A lifelog, or lifeblog, is an attempt to fully document every second, every action, every interaction, every keystroke, every conversation of one’s life. In this sense it is quantitative as it accumulates data about a person’s daily activities. But among lifeloggers there is a subgroup of photo lifeloggers who are merely content to photographicly record […]

Long-Term Digital Dilemma

by Kevin Kelly on December 24th, 02007

The New York Times and the Hollywood Reporter both have recently written about a new 74-page report from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences called “The Digital Dilemma: Strategic Issues in Archiving and Accessing Digital Motion Picture Materials” (not yet online).

The paper addresses a perennial Long Now concern: the ephemeral nature. . .   Read More

The Long Spiral Now

by Kevin Kelly on December 5th, 02007

Nice illustration of time found on Flickr:

The Spread of Slow

by Kevin Kelly on November 26th, 02007

A great Metafilter posting about the spread of Slowing Down — not just slow food, but slow everything else.  The posting — which has links for all these slow threads — announces:

Beginning with Slow Food in 1986, the idea of rejecting the “cult of speed” has gradually spread from a focus on food into other fields. . .   Read More

Layers of Time

by Kevin Kelly on November 21st, 02007

I found this on Otherthings Flickr page. It a multilayered paint chip taken from a public mural wall that was recently demolished. This is an extreme closeup scan (2400 dpi) of a paint chip retrieved from the ruins of Belmont Art Park by Amy McKenzie earlier this year. The fragment is about 1cm thick, and. . .   Read More

The Future Half-Life of Verbs

by Kevin Kelly on October 24th, 02007

Language evolves, The English we might speak in the future will be different. One long term trend in English moves towards uniform ways of making verbs past tense. Ordinarily we do it by adding “ed” to the end.

To get an idea of where English might evolve to in the coming centuries, several linguists published. . .   Read More

Y10k Compliance

by Kevin Kelly on October 12th, 02007

Cool Tools Reader Michael Hohl figured out this wonderful way to make your computer Y10K compliant. That is, how to set your computer so that it displays the 5-digit date it will need when we reach the years after 9999: that is 10000 and beyond. In anticipation of that time, you can set this. . .   Read More

100,000 Year Living Microbe

by Kevin Kelly on October 10th, 02007

(Frozen bacteria found by Richard Hoover in the ice of the Fox permafrost tunnel)

From New Scientist:

Microbes can survive trapped inside ice crystals, under 3 kilometres of snow, for more than 100,000 years, a new study suggests. The study bolsters the case that life may exist on distant, icy worlds in our own. . .   Read More