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Generational Building

by Kevin Kelly on September 26th, 02007

Lisa Chamberblain writing in the New York Times in an article Planned City Rises Within a City in the Southwest reports on the work of Peter Calthorpe, an urban architect who has long advocated mixed use, green sensibilities, and a long-now perspective. (I used to rent the lower half of Peter’s houseboat in. . .   Read More

100,000-Year Memory Candidate

by Kevin Kelly on September 24th, 02007

DVDs don’t. Tape doesn’t. Paper won’t. But rock does. In fact carved rock is about the only medium we have that might last 100,000 years. Most of our current electronic media will hardly last several decades. You need to continuously migrate info from one platform to the next as the current. . .   Read More

35-year Time Lapse of Tokyo Skyline

by Kevin Kelly on September 10th, 02007

This 10 second time lapse compresses 35 years of skyscraper construction in Shinjuku district of Tokyo. It’s worth watching several times. Watch on YouTube or click here. . .   Read More

Are we being good ancestors?

by Kevin Kelly on September 10th, 02007

Jamais Cascio, friend of Long Now, and now a “foresight consultant” posted his recent speech to the Singularity Summit on his website.

Besides being a pretty fine manifesto for an open future, it started with a very long-now-ish quote:
I was reminded, earlier this year, of an observation made by polio vaccine pioneer. . .   Read More

Billion-Year Mashup

by Kevin Kelly on September 5th, 02007

In today’s New York Times, author Timothy Ferris writes an ode to the multi-media disc of human activity that was sent into the cosmos on the Voyager 1 spacecraft. Despite the harsh — though stable — conditions in space, Ferris, who produced the gold plated disc, believes this record will last one billion years. If. . .   Read More

The Value of Forgetting Long Term

by Kevin Kelly on August 26th, 02007

Clive Thompson riffs on a piece by the New York Times public editor discussing the dilemma of what to do with old news items that are now badly out of date. They are small to the public but large to the folks involved, who often want them either amended or deleted. It’s a great. . .   Read More

World Without Us in 15,000 Years

by Kevin Kelly on August 22nd, 02007

The best-selling book The World Without Us draws scenarios of what our home planet would look like if our civilization suddenly vanished. The book’s website has a small slide show with a graphic illustrations of some scenes from the future in this scenario. Click down to Visual TImeline Slideshow. It’s a coherent. . .   Read More

Long Term Thinking Uses Separate Neural System

by Kevin Kelly on August 10th, 02007

From Science Blogs comes this news about how long term thinking uses separate neural pathways in our brains than short term thinking.

So why do people take out sub-prime loans? Don’t they realize that they won’t be able to afford the ensuing 28 years of mortgage payments? I think a big part. . .   Read More

Harry Potter and the Prophecy of Prediction Markets

by Kevin Kelly on July 20th, 02007

Prediction markets can use the signals in both greed and the wisdom of the crowds to forecast. Some people are using their coin to vote for the final end of Harry Potter. As this graph from NewsFutures shows, there’s a 75% chance he’ll live. © NewsFutures Come back tomorrow to see how accurate this short […]

Brian Eno’s Long View of 77 Million Paintings

by Kevin Kelly on July 3rd, 02007

On Sunday, the Long Now Foundation hosted the closing show of the San Francisco installation of Brian Eno’s art peice, 77 Million Paintngs. About 400 Long Now charter members and their friends showed up.A very strange thing happened at the show, although Eno says it is a common reaction to other installations of. . .   Read More