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Be a Pilot Tester for The 300 Languages Project

by Laine Stranahan on September 28th, 02010

The 300 Languages Project is a special effort by The Rosetta Project to create a parallel text and audio corpus for the world’s 300 most widely-spoken languages. We are seeking a limited set of volunteers to test its submission process and offer feedback to its coordinators before the project is globally launched in. . .   Read More

Swadesh List data now re-enabled in Rosetta Internet Archive Collection

by Laine Stranahan on September 24th, 02010

Swadesh list for the Puoc language in the International Phonetic Alphabet
In the 01950s, American linguist Morris Swadesh, as part of his overarching vision of a quantitative method for determining language relationships on a global and multimillenial scale, developed a set of one hundred words found to be unusually stable across time and language boundaries. . .   Read More

Building an Audio Collection for All the World’s Languages

by Laine Stranahan on July 21st, 02010

The Rosetta Project is pleased to announce the Parallel Speech Corpus Project, a year-long volunteer-based effort to collect parallel recordings in languages representing at least 95% of the world’s speakers. The resulting corpus will include audio recordings in hundreds of languages of the same set of texts, each accompanied by a transcription. . .   Read More