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Scenario Planning for the Long-term

by Peter Schwartz on November 10th, 02020

This is a map of North America. It was made by a Dutch map maker by the name of Herman Moll, working in London in 01701. I bought it on Portobello Road for about 60 pounds back in 01981. . . .   Read More

Tiger’s Nest

by Peter Schwartz on July 15th, 02008

  Cathleen and I just returned from a week in Bhutan. We traveled among three cities and regions of Bhutan, staying with the Aman hotels. On the next to the last day near the town of Paro, we made the climb to Tiger’s Nest. In many ways it comes very close to what we have […]

Yucca Mountain’s Future

by Peter Schwartz on March 3rd, 02002

This article was written by Peter Schwartz for Red Herring’s 02002 Scenarios issue. This is the original un-edited piece.

Yucca Mountain in southern Nevada is more a ridge than a mountain. It slowly rises from a height of four thousand feet to six thousand feet along its’ length of six miles. On February. . .   Read More