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Long Now at Maker Faire and SETI

by Austin Brown on May 11th, 02011

Long Now Executive Director and 10,000 Year Clock Project Manager Alexander Rose will be speaking on the Maker Faire Center Stage at 12:30 on Sunday the 22nd. Maker Faire is one of the Bay Area’s biggest celebrations of geek culture and it’s back for a 6th installment at the San Mateo Fairgrounds this May 21st […]

Largest Early World Map Set to Be Unveiled at Rumsey Map Center

by Ahmed Kabil on January 24th, 02018

Urbano Monte’s planisphere, digitally stitched together. Source: Rumsey Map Center

On July 25, 01585, near the end of a century of unprecedented change, four Japanese boys stopped in Milan on their way back home to Japan. They’d been sent as the first Japanese Embassy to Europe three years earlier by the Jesuit missionary. . .   Read More

Breakthrough Listen Initiative Wants to Hear From You

by Andrew Warner on August 9th, 02016

We have received an email from Jill Tarter, former director of the Center for SETI research, on a new outreach on behalf of the Breakthrough Listen Initiative. They want to hear from the general public on their ideas for new approaches for finding evidence of extraterrestrial technological civilizations. They are looking for 1 page descriptions. . .   Read More

Future of Human Spaceflight at The Interval: September 30, 02014

by Mikl Em on September 18th, 02014

On Tuesday September 30, 02014 Ariel Waldman (
leads us to the stars. Tickets are almost sold out!

Ariel Waldman selfie by Ariel Waldman

Ariel Waldman: The Future of Human Spaceflight
Tuesday September 30, 02014 at 7:30pm
at The Interval (doors at 6:30)
Advanced Tickets are encouraged
Download the Pathways to Exploration. . .   Read More

The Manual for Civilization Begins

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on February 6th, 02014


As we near completion of The Interval at Long Now, our new venue in San Francisco, we are also building a collection of books that will reside here.  We have named this collection the Manual for Civilization, and it will include the roughly 3500 books most essential to sustain or rebuild civilization. Using this. . .   Read More

Are we ready to reach out to the stars?

by Austin Brown on March 8th, 02011

SETI Director Jill Tarter discussed in a 02005 blog post that we recently discovered the possibility of broadcasting humanity’s presence to the universe. SETI’s position for at least the next decade is that we’re not ready.
Any technology that is observable over interstellar distances cannot be more primitive than our own. After. . .   Read More

Wonderfest 02008

by Austin Brown on October 23rd, 02008

On November 1st and 2nd, Stanford University and UC Berkeley will be hosting a gathering of the “scientific community.”  You don’t need tenure to get in, though.  The goal of Wonderfest is to bring together all who are curious, regardless of institutional ranking, to celebrate the scientific quest for truth and to hear a. . .   Read More

Bruce Sterling’s Sharp Warning, 8 years later

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on August 3rd, 02008

 Eight years ago Long Now had a conference at Stanford on how to build a 10,000 year library.  Novelist Bruce Sterling delivered one of his signature incisive rants, at once hilarious and biting.  It holds up amazingly well, as true in 02000 as now.

——– Original Message ——–
Subject:     Bruce Sterling’s sharp warning
Date:     Tue. . .   Read More

The longest conversation

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on February 28th, 02008


I was reminded yesterday when speaking with one of the SETI board members of the very interesting conundrum we might find ourselves in if we in fact did receive a message from space.  Above is some imagery from the first seriously high powered transmission from earth, dubbed the Arecibo message:
The [01974] transmission consisted of. . .   Read More

The 1000 year conversation…

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on December 10th, 02007

Seth Shostak from SETI published this piece yesterday on the time related difficulties in finding life outside the solar system (and holding a conversation with it). He even through in a nice mention of Long Now:
“There’s a similar argument to be made for communication. We seldom initiate information interchange that takes longer than. . .   Read More