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Adam Steltzner: Beyond Mars, Earth — A Seminar Flashback

by Mikl Em on September 27th, 02014

In October 02013 NASA engineer Adam Steltzner spoke for Long Now about landing Curiosity on Mars. In Beyond Mars, Earth, Steltzner gives an insiders view of previous Mars missions leading up to his team’s incredible feat of landing the Curiosity rover safely on the planet’s surface. More broadly he ponders why humans have. . .   Read More

Peter Schwartz: The Starships ARE Coming — A Seminar Flashback

by Mikl Em on September 12th, 02014

In September 02013 futurist Peter Schwartz spoke for Long Now about realistic scenarios for human interstellar travel. Peter, a founding Long Now Board member, participated in “The 100-year Starship” project and contributed to the book Starship Century (Edited by Gregory Benford and James Benford) with scientists and science fiction authors positing realistic ways humanity. . .   Read More

David Eagleman: Six Easy Steps to Avert the Collapse of Civilization — Seminar Flashback

by Mikl Em on August 22nd, 02014

In April 02010 author and neuroscientist David Eagleman proposed several internet-enabled ways to avoid the collapse of civilization. Eagleman is a Guggenheim Fellow known for his research on time perception and synesthesia; his books include the best-seller Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives. Twice a month we highlight a Seminar About Long-term. . .   Read More

Anne Neuberger, “The NSA Reaches Out”

by Andrew Warner on August 19th, 02014

This lecture was presented as part of The Long Now Foundation’s monthly Seminars About Long-term Thinking.

Inside the NSA
Wednesday August 6, 02014 – San Francisco

Video is up on the Neuberger Seminar page.
Audio is up on the Neuberger Seminar page, or you can subscribe to our podcast.

The NSA reaches out – a. . .   Read More

A Voice From the Past

by Charlotte Hajer on April 29th, 02013

If you’ve ever wondered what the inventor of the telephone might have sounded like from the other end of a landline, you may finally have your answer: researchers have discovered and managed to restore a brief recording of Alexander Graham Bell’s own voice.
Famously – if controversially – credited for patenting the acoustic telegraph, Bell. . .   Read More

The Conversation: 1 motorcycle, 9 months, 40 interviews & countless futures

by Austin Brown on March 7th, 02013

Over much of 02012, Angeus Anderson rode a motorcycle across the United States. Along the way, he recorded conversations with 40 different people espousing diverse critiques of the present and a plethora of visions for the future, “thinkers and doers, from transhumanists to neoprimitivists, urban farmers to musicians.” These interviews, produced by Anderson and Micah. . .   Read More

The Earth, Circa 100 Million CE

by Alex Mensing on September 24th, 02012

Yale geology grad student Ross Mitchell and his team are examining a very slow process: the formation, disintegration, and reformation of Earth’s supercontinents. Pangea was the last supercontinent, and certainly the most famous. It formed 300 million years ago. But it wasn’t the first, and won’t be the last. Discover Magazine shares. . .   Read More

Alexander Rose on The Conversation

by Austin Brown on May 31st, 02012

Radio producer Aengus Anderson began a project earlier this year with the goal of facilitating a conversation about the paradigms we may have to leave behind if we’re to build the future we want. Over the next several months, he’ll be motorcycling all over the United States and discussing the future with thinkers. . .   Read More

Rogue Archivists Fight the Digital Dark Age

by Charlotte Hajer on April 16th, 02012

Vigilantes? Internet Archaeologists? Digital doomsday sayers?

The Archive Team has been called many things. Here at Long Now we’ve been following their work, which was recently featured by NPR’s On The Media. In a brief interview for the program, founder Jason Scott talked about some of the work they’re doing, and why. . .   Read More

Rosetta Project featured on Radio National Australia’s “Lingua Franca”

by Laura Welcher on March 30th, 02012

The Rosetta Project was just featured in the radio show “Lingua Franca,” presented by Maria Zijlstra and broadcast on ABC Radio National Australia. The full program is available here as a podcast on the Lingua Franca website.


&nbsp. . .   Read More