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The 100 Oldest Companies

by Kevin Kelly on June 13th, 02008

Most companies don’ t live as long as most humans. Their relative short life has to do with culture’s rapidly shifting interests, and the difficulty of transmitting values and goals beyond the original founders. When viewed this way, it is a wonder any group of workers would continue to exist after the founding group. . .   Read More

Rosabeth Moss Kanter, “Enduring Principles for Changing Times”

by Stewart Brand on November 12th, 02007

Principles against panic

“Everything looks like a failure in the middle.” Any new enterprise, Kanter explained, encounters roadblocks. As the obstacles multiply, the situation looks hopeless. That’s when deeply held principles and and the long view are most needed to get you past the panic.

To characterize America’s current winter of discontent she. . .   Read More

Six Rules for Effective Forecasting

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on August 7th, 02007

An amazingly in depth article by Long Now board member Paul Saffo on the intracacies of Forecasting appeared in the July 07 Harvard Business Review. The whole issue entitled Going The Distance is about long term thinking in the business realm and is highly recommended. Below are some highlights of Paul’s forcasting article…
The. . .   Read More

The End of a 1,400-Year-Old Business

by Kevin Kelly on April 18th, 02007

There’s a very short but very telling story in Business Week on the demise of the longest-living company, based in Japan. After 14 centuries (!), this Buddhist temple construction company is going of out business. A few quotes:

The world’s oldest continuously operating family business ended its impressive run last year. Japanese temple. . .   Read More

Chris Anderson And Will Hearst – “The Long Time Tail”

by Stewart Brand on May 15th, 02006

The power law is the shape of our age

You know something is up when an audience member is taking cell phone photos of the presenter’s slides for instant transmittal to a business partner.

Chris Anderson does have killer slides, full of exuberant detail, defining the exact shape of the still emerging opportunity space. . .   Read More