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by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on February 23rd, 02010

I always keep an eye out for sprial clock dial designs as it has always seemed to be a great way to make longer term dials on a clock face.  Jaeger-LeCoultre does it with a 1000 year dial on a limited edition run of their Atmos Du Millenaire Atlantis (seen below).  But the video. . .   Read More

Mechanical Computing Videos

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on February 20th, 02010

Patrick Tufts sent in these absolute gems.  Historical training videos for mechanical computers from the US Navy which used them as fire control computers.  It is so easy to forget where modern computers got their start.  We assume they are all gray boxes with monitors attached, but back in the good old days they were. . .   Read More

Rosetta and Long Now on Life After People

by Bryan Campen - Twitter: @bryancampen on February 4th, 02010

Rosetta Project Director Laura Welcher recently took part in a segment on The History Channel’s Life After People series. In an episode titled “Crypt of Civilization,” Laura discusses the Rosetta Disk and The 10,000 Year Clock.   

The central question of the series is “How long would it last?” The series explores various materials, systems […]

Thomas Jefferson and the Clock of the Long Now

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on December 24th, 02009

Thomas Jefferson and the Clock of the Long Now

The technology of 10,000 years

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on December 7th, 02009

Back 02002 Peter Schwartz wrote a great piece about our visit to the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste site.  We often refer to it as “the other 10,000 year project”.  However 10,000 years is just the legally binding time congress set forth.  They actually have a design problem that spans millions of years.  This. . .   Read More

Long Now Gifts for the Holidays

by Austin Brown on November 24th, 02009

We have updated our online store with some new items for the holiday season… Brian Eno’s 77 Million Paintings is a generative art piece that will take thousands of years to fully take in – the software slowly layers and combines several hundred original paintings in an ever-evolving kaleidoscopic experience.  You can also hear experiments […]

Bristlecone Pines Feeling Rushed

by Austin Brown on November 17th, 02009

Global warming seems to be speeding up the growth of the longest living organisms we know of.  Bristlecone pines can live for almost 5,000 years and the information stored in the growth of their rings is a treasure trove of climate data.  Because their growth is a function of the weather, analyzing the size. . .   Read More

Observational Time with John Goodman

by Simone Davalos on October 15th, 02009

John Goodman is an engineer that admires intuition, a reluctant artist who enjoys elegant approximations. His best known creation, The Annosphere, was recently showcased at the Cambridge Science Festival in Massachusetts, where he lives and works. The Annosphere tells time, but more usefully, it presents time. It shows you sunrise and sunset, the start of […]

Mechanical cell phone

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on September 3rd, 02009

Early on in the Clock project we saw that of all the modern timepiece companies few were doing truly new things.  One of the rare exceptions was Ulysse Nardin.  Once we completed the first Clock prototype in fact we hosted Ludwig Oechslin their chief design innovator for several months here in San Francisco to evaluate. . .   Read More

Long Now Orrery Bookcase

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on September 2nd, 02009

   Greg Baiden the underground engineer working on the Clock Project, just sent in these great photos of the new bookcase that he had made for his office.  On either side of the bookcase are amazingly well detailed stained glass reproductions of the planet tracking Orrery we completed in 02005 (detail image below).  Apparently there […]

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