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by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on May 16th, 02008

The always wonderful Paleo Future blog has uploaded a full PDF copy of a treatise on the future done in 01963 for a now lost time capsule. It is full of optimistic predictions of what the next century will bring from an era of happy futurism. . .   Read More

The Birth Clock

by Kevin Kelly on May 9th, 02008

A nice piece of time art.   

It’s a clock that is dead, until you break its glass case. Then it begins ticking. You are now committed to whatever. The artist, Alex-vf, says “it helps you make up your mind.” Here is the official description (via Seth).

The “Birth Clock” is a. . .   Read More

The very Long Now of 01922

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on May 8th, 02008

The good folks over at Paleo Future published this great nugget from the 01922 Ogden Standard predicting what the world might be like in 10,000 years (click image above for a large version). While they seem to have nailed a few things that have already come about like solar power, chemical re-breathers, and. . .   Read More

Forbes on Time

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on April 18th, 02008 has an excellent special on and about time… They were even nice enough to publish one of my answers to their “What is Time” question in the article by Elizabeth Evans.     Time is a Dimension Time’s Sleight Of Hand By Brian GreeneWhatever it is, time doesn’t behave the way you would think….  Read More

California, get ready to rock

by Stuart Candy on April 17th, 02008

California is more than 99% likely to face an earthquake of magnitude 6.7 or greater over the next thirty years, according to a new model which this week produced the first ever statewide forecast.

Associated Press reports:

New calculations reveal there is a 99.7 percent chance a magnitude 6.7 quake or larger. . .   Read More

Trapped on Technology’s Trailing Edge

by Kurt Bollacker on April 15th, 02008

There’s a very good article in this month’s IEEE Spectrum about the engineering challenges of replacement parts for devices intended to survive much longer than industrial cycles of obsolescence. The economics of making sure parts are available in a timely and cost effective fashion and task of designing management processes that survive long. . .   Read More

Long Bets and Predictify

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on March 12th, 02008

 The great folks over at Predictify have made a special area in their site for Long Bets.  This is a great place to experiment with predictions and even make short bets that may have long term consequences…  Check it out at: 

The Year X problem

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on March 7th, 02008

 Due to the infinite wisdom of the US Legislators and President of 02005 we will again be experiencing “daylight savings” time a few weeks earlier this year.  While I am pretty ambivalent about the daylight savings time concept, I do think the only thing sillier than changing our clocks twice a year, is randomly legislating…  Read More

San Francisco 02108

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on March 4th, 02008

Our friend Scott Beale over at Squidlist has a write up on the winner of the History Channel’s City of the Future contest. The honors go to IwamotoScott Architecture’s Hydro-Net concept netting $10,000 for their win. While a lot of the ideas are pretty interesting the “hydrogen fueled hover cars” part. . .   Read More

Futurists! – Earn $$$ Now!

by Simone Davalos on February 16th, 02008

I’ve Stumbledupon (quite literally) a interesting looking site called Predictify.

Predictify seems to be combining social networking, message board discussion, pay-per-post business models and Wikipedia-style collective wisdom into a harmonious online community of eager questioners and knowledgeable, astute predictors, all united to discuss deterministic questions about the future, share knowledge, and. . .   Read More