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The Artangel Longplayer Letters: Nassim Taleb writes to Stewart Brand

by Austin Brown on July 8th, 02013

In April, Brian Eno wrote to Nassim Nicholas Taleb, asking, “how can we even think about designing for a future that we can’t imagine?”

The letter he sent was the inaugural Longplayer Letter, the first in a series of letters published by ArtAngel and Jem Finer’s Longplayer – a project to compose and perform. . .   Read More

The Imagined Future of 02013

by Charlotte Hajer on May 6th, 02013

Long Now’s Long Bets project is founded on the premise that we can improve our long-term thinking by holding ourselves accountable for the predictions we make about the future. By revisiting our forecasts as time goes by, we reveal the subtle mechanics of society’s evolution, and teach ourselves something about what kinds. . .   Read More

The Economist hosts online debate about the future of driverless cars

by Austin Brown on May 2nd, 02013

The Economist asks:
Are completely self-driving cars feasible in the foreseeable future?
Debating this proposition are Long Now board member Paul Saffo and automotive R&D executive Andrew Bergbaum. Saffo is “for the proposition” – he argues that self-driving cars will be commercially available, and maybe even common, by 02030 – while Bergbaum is. . .   Read More

Humanity’s Last Game

by Charlotte Hajer on April 11th, 02013

Former SALT speaker and professor of religion James Carse distinguishes between “finite” and “infinite” games: “A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the game.” We might think of games as things we ‘play’ – as make-believe universes in which we might wander around for a period of time, engaged […]

Nicholas Negroponte Seminar Primer

by Andrew Warner on April 4th, 02013

“Beyond Digital”
Wednesday April 17, 02012 at the Marines’ Memorial Theater, San Francisco

Nicholas Negroponte has made a name for himself not just by predicting the future, but by creating it. He co-founded and, for 15 years, directed the MIT Media Lab, which has become the premier academic incubator for advanced technologies research in. . .   Read More

Neal Stephenson’s Hieroglyph Project Launches

by Austin Brown on March 26th, 02013

Towers that reach 15 kilometers into the sky and autonomous 3D-printing robots on the Moon aren’t just great fodder for sci-fi; they’re also plausible enough to be considered as audacious, but realistic engineering goals. That sweet spot is exactly what the Hieroglyph project is aiming for. A collaboration between Arizona State. . .   Read More

The Conversation: 1 motorcycle, 9 months, 40 interviews & countless futures

by Austin Brown on March 7th, 02013

Over much of 02012, Angeus Anderson rode a motorcycle across the United States. Along the way, he recorded conversations with 40 different people espousing diverse critiques of the present and a plethora of visions for the future, “thinkers and doers, from transhumanists to neoprimitivists, urban farmers to musicians.” These interviews, produced by Anderson and Micah. . .   Read More

How long is humanity’s future?

by Austin Brown on March 1st, 02013

Much like the Centre for Existential Risk at Cambridge, the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford spends significant effort grappling with scenarios that could lead to the human species’ demise.

The Institute is headed by Nick Bostrom, a scholar of philosophy, physics, computational neuroscience, and mathematical logic. Aeon Magazine’s Ross Anderson recently spoke with. . .   Read More

Seeds Are the New Books

by Andrew Warner on February 26th, 02013

The Basalt Public Library in western Colorado has recently started lending seeds out to members. The members “borrow” the seeds with their library card, grow the plants, and harvest the best fruits’ seeds to give back to the library. The library gets better seeds back, while the members get to enjoy most of the harvest. . .   Read More

Long Bets – 02013 Update

by Austin Brown on February 8th, 02013

Predicting the future is hard. Long Bets is a project by The Long Now Foundation that is testing how hard it really is, and maybe making us just a little bit better at it. The site allows users to post Predictions of at least two years’ duration. Should someone disagree with the likelihood of a […]

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