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Paul Saffo on The Great Turbulence

by Alex Mensing on August 24th, 02012

Forecaster and Long Now board member Paul Saffo will be speaking at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club on Thursday, September 6th about the next few decades of global economic trends.

The talk, entitled “The Great Turbulence: Economics and the New Global Order,” begins at 6pm and will be moderated by Matt Richtel, author of Our. . .   Read More

What could take the internet down?

by Austin Brown on July 12th, 02012

In April 02010, Dr. David Eagleman addressed the Seminars About Long-term Thinking with a lecture called “Six Steps to Avert the Collapse of Civilization.”

Central to Dr. Eagleman’s proposal for a resilient global society was the internet. As a high-volume, distributed communication system, the net offers new ways to contain disease, back. . .   Read More

Spotting the Future

by Alex Mensing on May 21st, 02012

Wired’s Epicenter blog, which covers the technology business, recently asked eight visionaries about their strategies for looking at and into the future. How do they see what’s on the horizon? What distinguishes important technologies before they become important?

Among those questioned were Long Now board members Esther Dyson, Paul Saffo and Peter Schwartz. . .   Read More

Smithsonian Magazine: Thinking About Futurism

by Charlotte Hajer on May 14th, 02012

Solar-powered houses, computerized education, flying cars, and strawberries the size of your head: that’s how artist Arthur Radebaugh once imagined the future. In the 1950s and ‘60s, he published a series of newspaper cartoons entitled “Closer than We Think,” in which he illustrated a shiny, grand, and technologically revolutionized world of tomorrow.

Radebaugh. . .   Read More

Edward O. Wilson, “The Real Creation Story”

by Austin Brown on May 7th, 02012

This lecture was presented as part of The Long Now Foundation’s monthly Seminars About Long-term Thinking.

The Social Conquest of Earth
Friday April 20, 02012 – San Francisco


Video is up on the Wilson Seminar page.

Audio is up on the Wilson Seminar page, or you can subscribe to our podcast.

The Real. . .   Read More

Esther Dyson on Charter Cities

by Charlotte Hajer on April 18th, 02012

In a recent article on Slate, Long Now Board member Esther Dyson takes up the concept of Charter Cities – Paul Romer’s model for the creation of prospering, sustainable zones of urban life, about which he spoke at a 02009 SALT lecture. Dyson suggests that Romer’s business-model approach to the construction and functioning. . .   Read More

Breeding wheat for a saltier future

by Charlotte Hajer on April 5th, 02012

Environmental change and a growing world population bring up a pressing question: how do we ensure that future generations won’t go hungry? Some scientists believe that one solution may lie in lending nature a helping hand.

A recent article on EurekAlert announces that a group of researchers at the University of Adelaide have succeeded. . .   Read More

Future food for thought

by Stuart Candy on March 27th, 02012

Our friends over at Institute for the Future in Palo Alto recently released a report to help people think about possible futures of food for the next decade.

Four Futures of Food serves up a quartet of scenarios plotting out alternative descriptions of how America, as well as the wider world, could be eating in. . .   Read More

Francis Gavin On the Use (and Misuse) of History in Political Decision-Making

by Austin Brown on February 20th, 02012

Policy-makers wrestling with foreign policy decisions that will have very long-lasting repercussions often turn to experts to inform them of the likely outcomes.

Through the lens of the current international dilemma over Iran’s nuclear ambitions, foreign policy historian (and former SALT speaker) Francis Gavin offers his thoughts on the relationship between policy. . .   Read More

Envisioning the Future of Technology

by Alex Mensing on January 24th, 02012

Long Now Research Fellow Stuart Candy brought to our attention this visualization, which shows projections of what sorts of technologies will be available in the future, how soon, and how important they will be. It was created by London-based designer Michell Zappa, who leads a ‘technological trend bureau’ called Envisioning Technology. Their website explains that […]

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