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by Kevin Kelly on March 24th, 02009

There’s a new mood: collapse. Former President Reagan defined a recession as when your friend lost his job, and a depression as when you lost your job. Collapse is when no one has a job; in fact there are no longer any such things as jobs to be had. Google Trends showing number of news…  Read More

The funeral for analog news… by Clay Shirky

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on March 14th, 02009

A multitude of tweets from people like Tim O’Reilly and Nion McEvoy pointed me to this excellent piece on the end of analog news by (past seminar speaker) Clay Shirky.  Not to be missed, here is an excerpt: “When someone demands to know how we are going to replace newspapers, they are really demanding to…  Read More

The Kessler Syndrome

by Austin Brown on February 27th, 02009

The recent collision of two satellites in orbit represents a pretty serious problem for proponents of spaceflight.  Some scientists are discussing ways of cleaning up the increasing amounts of debris in earth orbit.  They’re worried that more and more junk flying around up there will make it difficult for humanity to reliably operate satellites or…  Read More

Psychology of long-term thinking

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on January 28th, 02009

  Last Friday I attended the Prediction Markets Summit here in San Francisco.  I met Robin Hanson there who clued me into an article published in Science (subscr. req’d.) on the Psychology of Transcending the Here and Now.  Most impressive is that the study itself seems to span several decades.  Hanson wrote this up on…  Read More

“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.”

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on January 8th, 02009

Back in June of 02005 Steve Jobs gave the commencement speech at Stanford.  I heard about it second hand from several people who said he quoted Stewart Brand at the end.  But until I came across this video today, I had not heard or seen it.  The whole thing is an excellent talk, and may…  Read More

Predicting 02009 in retrospect

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on January 2nd, 02009

Stewart Brand sent me this excellent piece by past Seminar Speaker, historian and author, Niall Furguson.  It is a retrospective of 02009, bravely published a year in advance.  An excerpt from the intro: “It was the year when people finally gave up trying to predict the year ahead. It was the year when every forecast…  Read More

The Personal Genome Project

by Austin Brown on October 21st, 02008

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about Long Now Foundation board member Esther Dyson, now is your chance to get up close and personal.  As part of the Personal Genome Project, Dyson has joined 10 volunteers, including the head of the program, geneticist George Church, and psychologist Steven Pinker, in making public their personal…  Read More

HAL, what’s a dubject?

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on October 5th, 02008

  Next Sunday October 12th, six different programs will attempt to pass the computer intelligence Turing test (according to the  This also marks a serious attempt to decide the $20,000 Long Bet between Ray Kurzweil and Mitch Kapor, as well as win the $100,000 Loebner Prize in Artificial Intelligence.  In the tests, a human…  Read More

Souvenirs from ’60s Hawaii

by Stuart Candy on September 13th, 02008

02060s, that is. User-modified self-and solar-powered hybrid wireless telephone Design by FoundFutures, executed by Dan Phelan User-modified cookware (“hubcap wok”) Design by FoundFutures, executed by Sally Szwed Military uniform of the Army of O’ahu, Confederation of Hawaiian Republics Design by FoundFutures, executed by Haruko Moberg What if an energy crisis prompted Hawaii to close its…  Read More

A tangled web

by Stuart Candy on August 14th, 02008

Image: Screenshot from Web of Fate A startup site called Web of Fate, launched in July 02008, crowdsources a timeline of users’ predictions, goals and other ideas about the future: Web of Fate is a social experiment that harnesses the collective intelligence of the web to visualize and uncover hidden relationships among future and historical…  Read More

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