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Nils Gilman, “Deviant Globalization”

by Danielle Engelman on May 5th, 02010

The anti-state economy

Gilman described deviant globalization as “the unpleasant underside of transnational integration.”

There’s nice tourism, and then sex tourism, such as in Thailand and Switzerland. The vast pharmacology industry is matched by a vast traffic in illegal drugs. The underside of waste disposal is the criminal dumping in the developing world. . .   Read More

Endangered languages, endangered documentation

by Tex Pasley on August 4th, 02009

A recent article in the New York Times describes the endangered language research of Tucker Childs, a linguist at Portland State University, who is in Sierra Leone studying the nearly extinct Kim language.  The death of the Kim language is attributed to the decision of younger speakers to learn the Mende language, spoken by 1. . .   Read More

The human side of climate change

by Kirk Citron on May 19th, 02009

The Long News: stories that might still matter fifty, or a hundred, or ten thousand years from now.

There have been a flurry of reports in the last few weeks which try to anticipate how climate change may impact human populations.

1. Two trends (urbanization and global warming) seem to be on a collision course. . .   Read More

The Dystopians – featuring Dmitry Orlov

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on February 4th, 02009

There is a good article by Ben McGrath in the January 26th, 02009 New Yorker (reg. required) on the economic collapse that features our upcoming speaker Dmitry Orlov, past speaker Nassim Taleb and even a mention of Kevin Kelly.  Unfortunatley the article spends a bit too much time with the likes of Howard Kunstler, who. . .   Read More

“We would all be smarter if the world remains multilingual”

by Laura Welcher on October 27th, 02008

During his presentation at Pop!Tech 2008: Scarcity and Abundance, Dr. K. David Harrison discussed how language death leads to intellectual impoverishment in all fields of science and culture. He also detailed efforts to sustain, value and revitalize linguistic diversity worldwide. His talk was presented in collaboration with the multilingual video captioning site DotSub, where. . .   Read More

John Rendon – “Long-term Policy to Make the War on Terror Short”

by Stewart Brand on July 17th, 02006

Only connect

John Rendon, head of The Rendon Group, is a senior communications consultant to the White Houses and Departments of Defense. His subject in this talk is how to replace tactical, reactive response to terror with long-term strategic initative.

I think that people were expecting a silver-tongued devil, an accomplished spin-meister. . .   Read More