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by Kevin Kelly on December 27th, 02007

A lifelog, or lifeblog, is an attempt to fully document every second, every action, every interaction, every keystroke, every conversation of one’s life. In this sense it is quantitative as it accumulates data about a person’s daily activities. But among lifeloggers there is a subgroup of photo lifeloggers who are merely content to photographicly record […]

A long view of world population

by Stuart Candy on December 5th, 02007

The job of the long view is to penetrate illusion. […] How can we see the insidious transformations of our own day? Slow science is part of it, applied history is part of it, and every year there are more sophisticated tools of macroscopic vision. One video going the rounds of the conferences shows the accelerating. . .   Read More

Jim Henson’s “Time Piece”

by Simone Davalos on November 16th, 02007

This short film is a groovy meditation on time in a few of its facets:

“Dislocation in time, time signatures, time as a philosophical concept, and slavery to time are some of the themes touched upon in this nine-minute, experimental film, which was written, directed, and produced by Jim Henson-and starred Jim Henson. . .   Read More

1,000 Year Clock of planted trees

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on November 7th, 02007

Paolo Savagione (lead engineer on our Clock Project) sent in this nifty video of a 1000 year forestry-clock idea in France. We have talked about ideas like this for the 10,000 Year Clock, but this is the first simulation of such an idea I have seen. I think however that there might be. . .   Read More

35-year Time Lapse of Tokyo Skyline

by Kevin Kelly on September 10th, 02007

This 10 second time lapse compresses 35 years of skyscraper construction in Shinjuku district of Tokyo. It’s worth watching several times. Watch on YouTube or click here. . .   Read More

Time zones unfolding

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on September 10th, 02007

This time lapse video of flight patterns as they unfold over the course of a day over North America is one of my favorite pieces of data-crunched-into-video-art.  I especially like how you can see the morning flights wash through the time zones.

3000 frames per second is slow…

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on August 13th, 02007

In the 15.08 issue of Wired is an interesting story on photographer David Michalek who seems to have pushed the tech of hi res – hi frame count film equipment to a new level, in ordeer to create is most recent piece of dancers in ultra slow motion. I always find it ironic that the […]

500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on August 9th, 02007

This youtube video sent to us by Stuart Silverstone is impressive not just for its stretch of time, but style, medium and interpretation as well. Or as Stewart Brand said, this is an “amazing form of time travel…”

You can also see a complete list of artists and paintings here. . .   Read More

Slow art

by Stuart Candy on July 9th, 02007

art:21, a recent PBS documentary series on contemporary art and artists, featured an episode on works dealing innovatively with time, which I saw on DVD over the weekend. Among those profiled was Paul Pfeiffer (born in Honolulu, 01966) a video artist who now lives and works in New York City.

His work entitled “Morning. . .   Read More

The Long You

by Stuart Candy on July 3rd, 02007

Making long-term thinking viable depends partly on rendering slow processes perceptible, compressing them onto a scale we can relate to more easily. Given that the quintessential long-now change processes (geology, deep culture etc) extend over many human lifetimes, a similar challenge is to make the passage of time more personal.

Here’s an. . .   Read More