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10,000 Years of stellar motion

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on November 2nd, 02010

There is an interesting bit of astronomy published over at sent to me by way of Danny Hillis and Tom Shannon.  Apparently astronomers focused Hubble on a certain region of Globular Cluster Omega Cantauri several times over 4 years.  They were then able to calculate how each of those stars will move in the…  Read More

100-Year Starship Announcement

by Austin Brown on October 28th, 02010

Long Conversation – Pete Worden Announces 100-Year Starship from The Long Now Foundation on Vimeo. Long Conversation – Pete Worden Announces 100-Year Starship from The Long Now Foundation. On October 16th, Long Now hosted the Long Conversation as part of our Longplayer event.  Speaking with Peter Schwartz about the future of space travel, NASA Ames…  Read More

David Eagleman on Possibilianism at Poptech

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on October 27th, 02010

The above video is Long Now board member David Eagleman discussing his idea of Possibilianism at the Poptech conference.  Eagleman talked a bit about this in his Long Now seminar and I thought it was great to hear him dive into it further. Enjoy.

Stone Age Battery

by Austin Brown on October 21st, 02010

Jamie O’Shea is an artist interested in technology, memory and time. In the video below he demonstrates how to create an electrical battery using only stone-age materials. As Jamie points out, this isn’t just great material for the Manual for Civilization – it’s also a good way to illustrate that the historically observed progression of…  Read More

All Species

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on October 4th, 02010

A decade ago The Long Now Foundation spun off a project called All Species.  The goal was to document all the species on the planet in 25 years in an open archive for all.  That project was launched amidst the bursting of the dot com bubble, and it did not survive it. It also met…  Read More

Building an Audio Collection for All the World’s Languages

by Laine Stranahan on July 21st, 02010

The Rosetta Project is pleased to announce the Parallel Speech Corpus Project, a year-long volunteer-based effort to collect parallel recordings in languages representing at least 95% of the world’s speakers. The resulting corpus will include audio recordings in hundreds of languages of the same set of texts, each accompanied by a transcription. This will provide…  Read More

Malaria Through Millennia

by Camron Assadi - Twitter: @teiwaz on July 15th, 02010

“The malaria parasite has been responsible for half of all human deaths since the Stone Age” is the quote that jumped off the page in a recent article by Sonia Shah in the Wall Street Journal. Entitled “The Tenacious Buzz of Malaria” the article places malaria in a long term perspective: Malaria has shaped our…  Read More

Ancient Cosmic Light

by Austin Brown on July 14th, 02010

The European Space Agency has released an amazing new image of our universe, created by the recently launched Planck mission.  The image above comes from Planck’s first detailed survey of the cosmic microwave background, the universe’s “first light.” It is the light that was finally allowed to move out across space once a post-Big-Bang Universe…  Read More

The woman that programmed the first computer

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on June 17th, 02010

“Long Shorts” – short films that exemplify long-term thinking.  Please submit yours in the comments section… Information Pioneers: Ada Lovelace from Information Pioneers on Vimeo. This is a nice intro to Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer who wrote programs for Babbage’s mechanical computer. While this computer is similar to the binary mechanical computer used…  Read More

Oldest Leather Shoe Discovered

by Austin Brown on June 15th, 02010

There’s a great story bouncing around – a shoe was found in an Armenian cave.  Not just any shoe, of course.  It’s about five and a half thousand years old.  It’s the oldest leather shoe ever found, predating Ötzi the Iceman‘s footwear by about 300 years. It is objects like this that always remind us…  Read More