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Stefan Kroepelin Seminar Primer

by Austin Brown on June 2nd, 02014

Anything as vast and mysterious as the Sahara Desert is bound to invite myth and legend – it’s how we make sense of things too large, elusive or forbidding to know firsthand. Stefan Kroepelin, however, has dedicated his life to firsthand knowledge of the Sahara, and has dispelled some myths along the way. He’s. . .   Read More

Rachel Sussman in San Francisco: The Oldest Living Things in the World

by Mikl Em on May 30th, 02014

Rachel Sussman spoke in our Seminars About Long-term Thinking (SALT) series in 02010 when she was about halfway into her project to document the world’s oldest living things. She traveled the world to learn about and photograph organisms that have lived 2000 years or more. This year she published her book The Oldest. . .   Read More

Steven Johnson: The Long Zoom – A Seminar Flashback

by Mikl Em on April 22nd, 02014

In May 02007 author Steven Johnson spoke for Long Now about The Long Zoom, which is his take on how humans integrate perspectives at different scales for both pleasure and practical reasons. He explains this “zoom” in everything from computer games to ending the cholera epidemic in 19th century London. That last topic, the subject. . .   Read More

The Artangel Longplayer Letters: Esther Dyson writes to Carne Ross

by Andrew Warner on April 10th, 02014

In November, Long Now co-founder Stewart Brand wrote a letter to Long Now board member Esther Dyson as part of the Artangel Longplayer Letters series. The series is a relay-style correspondence: The first letter was written by Brian Eno to Taleb. Taleb then wrote to Stewart Brand, and Stewart wrote to Esther Dyson. . .   Read More

Brian Eno and Danny Hillis, “Make the Next Legal U-Turn”

by Austin Brown on February 4th, 02014

This lecture was presented as part of The Long Now Foundation’s monthly Seminars About Long-term Thinking.

The Long Now, now
Tuesday January 21, 02014 – San Francisco
Audio is up on the Eno and Hillis Seminar page, or you can subscribe to our podcast.

Video is up on the Eno and Hillis Seminar. . .   Read More

The New California Water Atlas

by Austin Brown on February 1st, 02014

Almost forty years ago, California’s young new governor faced the challenge of leading his state through one of its worst droughts ever. Around that time, a group of cartographers had been hoping to develop a comprehensive and definitive atlas of the state and one of them suggested the idea to an advisor to the. . .   Read More

Nature, Cities, and Long-term Thinking

by Charlotte Hajer on January 21st, 02014

photo by Tanya Hart
In 01995, Brian Eno surmised that the fast-paced uncertainty of life in New York City led people to retreat into the immediacy of their own private worlds. As a counterweight to this preoccupation with the “short now,” he posited the idea of “The Long Now” – and thus the name of. . .   Read More

Edge Question 02014

by Charlotte Hajer on January 16th, 02014

With a new year, of course, comes a new Edge question.

Every January since 01998, John Brockman has presented the members of his online salon with a question that elicits some thinking about the biggest social and intellectual issues of our time. Previous iterations have included prompts such as “What will change everything?” and “What. . .   Read More

Brian Eno & Danny Hillis Seminar Primer

by Austin Brown on January 14th, 02014

“The Long Now, now”
Tuesday January 21, 02014 at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater, San Francisco

Brian Eno and Danny Hillis are long time friends and collaborators. Eno is an influential British musician, producer and artist known both for his work with some of the biggest names in rock as well as his identification. . .   Read More

Long Now Years: Five-digit Dates and Y10K-compliance at Home

by Mikl Em on December 31st, 02013

Long Now 10-second Intro animation Conceived by Alexander Rose, James Anderson and Chris Baldwin | Sound by Brian Eno The Long Now Foundation uses five-digit dates to guard against the deca-millennium bug (the “Y10K” problem) which will come into effect in about 8,000 years. As you may have noticed any reference we make to a […]

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