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PanLex hits a billion translations

by Jonathan Pool on October 2nd, 02013

The PanLex project of The Long Now Foundation, which is building a database of words and phrases in the world’s languages, has recently passed the one-billion-translation mark. That means there are now over a billion pairs of words or phrases, such as “clock” in English and “ঘড়ী” in Assamese, that PanLex records as. . .   Read More

Happy International Mother Language Day 02013!

by Austin Brown on February 21st, 02013

On The Rosetta Project Blog, intern Karin Wiecha writes:
Today mother tongues will be celebrated world wide. This date was chosen by UNESCO in recognition of the Bengali language movement, where on February 21, 01952, students protested for their language to become an official national language. Several protesters taking part in the demonstration were killed. . .   Read More

Endangered Languages Project launches

by Laura Welcher on June 20th, 02012

The Rosetta Project and PanLex Project at The Long Now Foundation are excited to announce that we are participating in a new initiative called the Endangered Languages Project, which is backed by the Alliance for Linguistic Diversity.

As member organization of the Alliance, we will be providing support for the Project, which aims to:

– accelerate. . .   Read More