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Slow Journalism and A Long Walk: Paul Salopek’s Out of Eden

by Andrew Warner on January 9th, 02013

On January 10th, 02013, Pulitzer prize winning journalist Paul Salopek will begin a seven year journey on foot from Ethiopia to Patagonia, following the footsteps of the first migration of humans across the planet 60,000 years ago. The journey will not be an easy one. It consists of 21,000 miles of wildly varying terrain and […]

The Lunar 02013

by Charlotte Hajer on December 13th, 02012

The universe may be governed by quantum probability and uncertainty, but we can nevertheless predict the movements of bodies in our solar system with relative accuracy. For a preview of how the Moon will behave in 02013, this video offers an animated choreography of its phases and libration as it ellipses around our planet.

And. . .   Read More

Worlds: The Kepler Planet Candidates

by Catherine Borgeson on September 27th, 02012

Worlds: The Kepler Planet Candidates from Alex Parker on Vimeo.

Planetary scientist Alex Parker created an animation of 2,299 extrasolar planet candidates orbiting a single star.  NASA’s Kepler mission has detected these transiting planet candidates since 02009.

In reality, these planet candidates aren’t orbiting around a single star, but rather several thousand. . .   Read More

Solving the Pioneer Anomaly With Magnetic Tapes and Punch Cards

by Charlotte Hajer on July 27th, 02012

You may dream of freaky new physics, but sometimes freaky old physics is all you need. (New York Times)
Slava G. Turyshev, an expert on gravity at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, recently proved that the tried and true theories of Einsteinian physics are as powerful as ever – and he used technology from the 01970s. . .   Read More

Voyager 1 Heads Into Uncharted Territory

by Charlotte Hajer on June 25th, 02012

Scientists at NASA have announced that Voyager 1 is making its way through the very outer edges of our solar system. Sooner than expected, they say, the space probe will leave our tiny corner of the Milky Way behind, and become the first man-made craft to enter the dark reaches of interstellar space.

Voyager. . .   Read More

Tour of Asia in 90 Seconds

by Charlotte Hajer on June 22nd, 02012

Long Now Board Member Kevin Kelly recently went on a two-month voyage through Asia. But don’t worry – he won’t make you sit through hours of travel pictures. Instead, he’s made a video that condenses his 60-day trip into a mere 90 seconds:

Kelly took 1 second of footage for each. . .   Read More

Alexander Rose on The Conversation

by Austin Brown on May 31st, 02012

Radio producer Aengus Anderson began a project earlier this year with the goal of facilitating a conversation about the paradigms we may have to leave behind if we’re to build the future we want. Over the next several months, he’ll be motorcycling all over the United States and discussing the future with thinkers. . .   Read More

The Lost (and Found?) Battle of Anghiari

by Austin Brown on May 16th, 02012

Friend and Member of Long Now Davide Bocelli wrote in recently to update us on the story of a lost fresco painted by Leonardo Da Vinci:
This is a story about an incredible error, an act of respect, and a multicentennial game. As I wrote to Alexander Rose, some years ago the mystery of the. . .   Read More

Conservation in the Age of Man

by Charlotte Hajer on May 11th, 02012

Nature is often resilient, not fragile. There is no wilderness unspoiled by man. Thoreau was a townie. Conservation, by many measures, is failing. If it is to survive, it has to change.
Environment & Energy Publishing recently featured an article on former SALT speaker Peter Kareiva, the chief scientist for the Nature Conservancy who argues. . .   Read More

Brian Eno to Help Judge Data Visualization Awards

by Charlotte Hajer on May 8th, 02012

Hungry for information, but bored by graphs and pie charts? Then pay a visit to Information is Beautiful, a site dedicated to all things informational – and all things pretty. Its pages showcase models and graphics that reveal what can happen when data presentation is combined with an eye for design and aesthetics.

The site is. . .   Read More

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