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The Future of Language at The Interval: Tuesday July 22, 02014

by Mikl Em on July 18th, 02014

Laura Welcher, David Evan Harris, and Mandana Seyfeddinipur speak on Tuesday, July 22 at The Interval

This Tuesday at The Interval “The Future of Language” featuring Dr. Laura Welcher of Long Now’s Rosetta Project and Global Lives Project’s David Evan Harris, and special guest Dr Mandana Seyfeddinipur of the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme. . .   Read More

Long Now’s Orrery Prototype For The 10,000 Year Clock

by Austin Brown on June 27th, 02014

One of the first things that visitors see when they walk into The Interval, Long Now’s new public space, is the Orrery–a prototype for part of the 10,000 Year Clock now under construction. The Orrery is a simplified mechanical model of our solar system, a precise and durable computer, and an eight-foot-tall kinetic sculpture. This […]

Science Fiction to Science Fabrication Talk at The Interval July 1, 02014

by Mikl Em on June 16th, 02014

Tickets are on sale for Science Fiction to Science Fabrication July 1, 02014 at The Interval

Artist/maker/hacker Dan Novy (Novysan) is an Emmy award-winning transmedia storyteller with a background in theater, a host of film and television credits, and a research/PHD-candidate position at the MIT Media Lab. Last fall he. . .   Read More

The Interval at Long Now Opens June 15th and is live

by Mikl Em on June 9th, 02014

photo by Catherine Borgeson After years of planning and a full year under construction, we are proud to announce our new venue The Interval at Long Now opens its doors to the public this Sunday, June 15th 02014. Come visit us soon. We’ll be open daily from 10AM to midnight at our location in historic […]

Violet Blue Talks Privacy at The Interval: June 17, 02014

by Mikl Em on June 8th, 02014

Next up in Long Now’s newly launched series of salon talks is author/blogger Violet Blue who will use her latest book The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy as a starting point to talk about tech, gender and long-term sustainable privacy models on Tuesday, June 17 at The Interval, our new public. . .   Read More

Rachel Sussman in San Francisco: The Oldest Living Things in the World

by Mikl Em on May 30th, 02014

Rachel Sussman spoke in our Seminars About Long-term Thinking (SALT) series in 02010 when she was about halfway into her project to document the world’s oldest living things. She traveled the world to learn about and photograph organisms that have lived 2000 years or more. This year she published her book The Oldest. . .   Read More

Proof: The Science of Booze by Adam Rogers

by Mikl Em on May 29th, 02014

Photo by Adam Rogers

The earliest evidence of a deliberately made alcoholic drink comes from a 10,000 year old piece of Chinese pottery. Lab tests revealed traces of a fermented mixture of rice honey and fruit. It would have been hard to mix those ingredients and keep it from fermenting.

Adam Rogers has held. . .   Read More

The Interval: Long Now’s New Home

by Mikl Em on May 13th, 02014

The Interval at Long Now is almost ready for you to visit. We’ve shown you design comps and construction images before, but at last we can share photos of the real thing. Almost the real thing. There’s still some more work to do, but the end is in sight. We’d like to thank to everyone […]

First Look at The Interval at Long Now

by Mikl Em on May 9th, 02014

After a year under construction our beautiful new venue is almost ready to debut. Here are a few first images of The Interval at Long Now our new bar, cafe, museum and home to The Long Now Foundation at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. The Interval will open first for a series of events […]

Manual for Civilization Book List from Mark Pauline of Survival Research Labs

by Mikl Em on May 2nd, 02014

Photo of Mark Pauline by Karen Marcelo What information is essential to sustaining civilization? What books would you want to have if we had to start from scratch? What references would we need available to rebuild what we have today? Long Now is collecting 3,500 books based on those questions to form a Manual for Civilization. […]

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