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The Interval at Long Now: Time on the Menu

by Mikl Em on October 10th, 02013

Photo by Catherine Borgeson

Progress on the Long Now Salon continues. We have told you a lot about the design and building of the space (most recently about our cardboard prototyping night) and the library we are building for it. But while renovating the physical space is an important aspect of opening this new venue. . .   Read More

Salon Prototype Night: A Cardboard Proof-of-Concept

by Mikl Em on September 27th, 02013

In July our Long Now Salon project passed the halfway point of fundraising, thanks to $25,000 gifts from Neil Gaiman and Cordelia Corp, and more than 200 other donations at levels big and small. The Salon will host small events both for our members and the general public. It will be equal parts library, bar, museum, and cafe. A welcoming and social place, […]

Seminars, Salons and the Long Tradition of Raising Cups in Conversation

by Austin Brown on August 23rd, 02013

November 02013 will mark the 10th anniversary of the first of Long Now’s monthly Seminars About Long-term Thinking. One of our founding board members, Brian Eno, gave that first talk which was entitled “The Long Now” and featured an overview of the Long Now Foundation (already 7 years old at that time) and. . .   Read More

Toward a Manual for Civilization

by Austin Brown on August 14th, 02013

“We are as gods” because of our ancestors’ diligence. The promise of a technologically advancing future is predicated on millennia of accumulated knowledge. Civilization has taken a lot of work to build and it demands a great deal of know-how to sustain. And as modern life increasingly encourages specialization, familiarity across that accumulated knowledge. . .   Read More

The Interval at Long Now: Design and Building Partners, Because We Can

by Mikl Em on August 8th, 02013

Because We Can co-owners Jeffrey McGrew and Jillian Northrup As we begin construction of The Long Now Salon, we thought it was a good time to tell you more about the company we’ve collaborated with to envision and construct our San Francisco public space. Local design-build firm Because We Can, led by co-owners, architect Jeffrey […]

Salon nearing half way mark in funding…

by Mikl Em on July 23rd, 02013

The Salon project is on the verge of hitting its half way point in funding!  If we get to $250k that means that we can start full on construction in August, and that everyone who donated for a bottle will unlock the whiskey option! UPDATE: Thanks to Cameo Wood’s upgrade to the Manual for Civilization […]

Brian Eno Designs Sound and Light Art for The Interval at Long Now

by Mikl Em on July 16th, 02013

  Photos of Brian Eno & Danny Hillis by Alexander Rose (02013) In July of 02013 Brian Eno visited the Bay Area and saw the latest progress on the 10,000 Year Clock project. Clock designer Danny Hillis gave Brian a tour of the progress at the Long Now Clock assembly space (where these photos were taken.) […]

Long Now’s San Francisco Public Space in Transition

by Mikl Em on July 12th, 02013

The Long Now Museum and Store is closed. It’s an important first step to opening The Long Now Salon our new public space in the same location. While it’s exciting, for those of us who know the space well, Long Now staff, volunteers and anyone who has attended events or Seminar receptions there, these images […]

Long Now Salon funding passes $200,000 thanks to gift from writer Neil Gaiman

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on July 9th, 02013

Famed author Neil Gaiman has generously boosted The Long Now Salon “brickstarter” with a donation of $25,000. We are honored to have his support and encouragement as we near the 50% mark of our Salon fundraising which we must reach to start construction this summer. “I really believe in Long Now’s mission, and I am […]

Neal Stephenson, David Brin, and Chris Anderson donate to the Long Now Salon

by Mikl Em on July 1st, 02013

Long Now would like to thank author Neal Stephenson (author of Anathem, The Baroque Cycle, and Snow Crash amongst others) for contributing to the Long Now Salon. Neal’s generosity helped us surpass $185,000 in funds raised for Salon construction. We are especially thrilled that he will be speaking in Entish when he visits. Just supported […]