Michael West – “The Prospects of Human Life Extension”

Posted on Monday, November 15th, 02004 by Stewart Brand
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Michael West

Ever longer life

Our germline cells (eggs and sperm) are already immortal. What if the rest of the cells of our body could acquire the same ability? Tissue by tissue, one degenerative disease after another, it could gradually happen in the course of one or two human generations. When it does happen, what we mean by “generation” changes completely.

Thanks to Proposition 71, which funds embryonic stem cell research, California is now the frontier of the key technology for rejuvenating human cells, tissues, and organs; for not just treating but curing lethal diseases…

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  • Saw this article today on a gene that links calorie restricted diets to increasing lifespan.


    It is interesting to me that by stressing the organism it lives longer. This reminds me of the lesson taught to us by one of the longest lasting organisms, Bristlecone Pines; adversity breeds longevity. Bristlecones live in one of the more inhospitable high desert climates, yet can live as long as 5000 Years.

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