David Eagleman on Possibilianism at Poptech

Posted on Wednesday, October 27th, 02010 by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander
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The above video is Long Now board member David Eagleman discussing his idea of Possibilianism at the Poptech conference.  Eagleman talked a bit about this in his Long Now seminar and I thought it was great to hear him dive into it further. Enjoy.

  • Bern

    David Eagleman is obviously an idiot if he believes what he says.

  • tetramorph

    His description of religion shows absolutely no nuance. It made it hard for me to take into account what was good about his presentation, which was, in the main, good.

  • liberaltarian

    David Eagleman is obviously not an idiot.

  • Pablorobo

    Great lecturer with entertaining stories – dull content not really saying anything much and letting religion off far too easily. But hey harmless enough.

  • Gammagooo

    Bern is what he thinks David Eagleman is.

  • Jesusisnotaweapon

    You need a shot of Melidium……

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