100 Years in 10 Minutes

Posted on Saturday, December 31st, 02011 by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander
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Happy new year to all…

derDon1234 created a compilation featuring some of the important events of the last 100 years (2911-1011) in 10 minutes.

via Laughing SquidThe Awesomer, BuzzFeed & MPViral.com

  • Some good things we’ve done in here but overall people are pretty depressing.  People are killing people pretty often.

    You’re dates in the description are incorrect; it’s 01911-02011.

  • Cool video.

    What invariably happens is that what’s closer to you, both in time and space, is remembered more. The Monica Lewinsky scandal is on the list but the Great Kanto Earthquake (killing over 100,000) or Great Tangshan Earthquake (killing over 200,000) aren’t. The Desert Storm operation and the 1999 Oklahoma tornados are on the list but the Second Congo War isn’t. This overweighting of things based on distance is something to keep in mind whenever looking at any list of the “most important” anything. A bias towards recent events is especially something for the Long Now folk to work against.

  • Zaptotec

    The compilation is mostly a compilation of the geopolitical and military events. I don’t think that they are a balanced representation of the important events of the last 100 years. Mayor scientific breakthroughs and social achievements, advancements in health and education etc have been omitted in favor of disasters and wars. Seems like a pessimistic biased compilation.

  • E T

    Only one  name worthy woman (Lewinsky) in 100 years?

  • nooj

    transistor? pc? arpanet/internet? long now foundation?

  • Anonymous

    Be the change you want to see in the world.

    Put down that video game of gratuitous violence because even though the images may not affect your actions, you’re complicit in the insanity of war and blood lust.

  • Feffe

    what was the music?
    if anyone knows, please reply to feffe se

  • Feffe

    what was the music?
    if anyone knows, please reply via e-mail


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