Rosetta, A Documentary by Scott Oller

Posted on Tuesday, July 24th, 02012 by Austin Brown
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The Rosetta Project was created to begin the work of filling Long Now’s 10,000 Year Library and in 02011 student filmmaker Scott Oller offered to help tell the story of the project’s aspirations and achievements. This short documentary, Oller’s senior thesis, was shot over the course of several weeks in the Spring of 02012 and explores the contents of the Rosetta Project’s collection of linguistic data, the Internet Archive’s role in hosting and making accessible that data, and the aesthetics and functionality of the Rosetta Disk itself.

  • The Rosetta Disk… fascinating. Are the disk’s contents viewable online?

  • Brewster

    Bravo to the Rosetta project people over the years (and it took years), the filmmaker, and lets hope this helps out the target market:  the archeologist with an optical microscope in 3-5 thousand years.

  • Brewster

     The source documents are visible  :


  • Michelle

    Congratulations Scott Oller on a lovely piece of documentary film making.  I want to hold a Rosetta Disc in my hands before I die someday and wish the historians of the future every joy in the discovery of “my” time.

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