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A Message from Long Now Members on #GivingTuesday

Posted on Tuesday, November 28th, 02017 by Mikl Em
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Support Long Now on #GivingTuesday with a donation on Facebook. Today only Facebook is waiving fees, so your donation goes farther.

Thanks to Long Now members and supporters: we appreciate your additional support this giving season. With your help we are fostering long-term thinking around the world.

Growing a forest of 5000 year trees

Posted on Friday, December 11th, 02015 by Bryan Campen - Twitter: @bryancampen
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Bristlecone Kit

This month, your contributions to The Long Now Foundation support the creation of the Fund of the Long Now. We will leverage this fund, through centuries of interest and investments, to help make Long Now a truly long-term institution.

Supporters of the fund are receiving a limited edition Bristlecone Pine Tree Kit (pictured above) in honor of their substantive contribution. Our goal is to get kits out to as many donors as possible, but there are only a  limited number.  Bristlecone pine trees are considered the oldest living organisms in the world, known to last up to 5,000 years, and are a living symbol of our commitment to ensuring Long Now extends into the deep future.

We are happy to report that as of this morning, we’ve shipped more than 180 Bristlecone Kits to our supporters. To those who have contributed, thank you.

We need to reach $500,000 in order to put this fund into active management, and to generate good returns to support our activities and programming.

There is still time to join this year’s group of visionary donors in creating a truly long-term future through Long Now.

The Fund of the Long Now

Posted on Tuesday, December 1st, 02015 by Bryan Campen - Twitter: @bryancampen
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June 02016 marks Long Now’s twentieth anniversary. In terms of a new nonprofit, it is a pretty good run. But for Long Now it means that we still have at least 9,980 years left to go…

So we decided to build a fund to better ensure our future, and at the same moment put deep time in your hands. We have created The Fund of the Long Now, a donor fund that we will invest in to help make Long Now a truly long-term institution.

The Bristlecone Pine Kit that includes its own tiny greenhouse tube.

As a thank you to those who provide tangible support to The Fund, we have made a limited edition set of Bristlecone Pine Tree Kits. These kits will be sent to everyone who can make a substantive donation.

The bristlecone is one of the longest living species on earth, and a living symbol of our shared commitment to the deep future, whether we measure that in centuries or millennia. The Fund of the Long Now is being built to back up our promise to that future, and to support the operating budget of a truly long-term cultural institution.

Once we reach $500,000, The Fund of the Long Now will go into active management that is specifically designed around long-term thinking. We have been testing the principles of the fund with our financial advisors for several years, and will continue to tune it as we move forward.

What your bristlecone tree will look like after about 5,000 years. Individual results may vary.

The idea behind the Fund originates from one of our core principles, to leverage longevity, and was best illustrated in Stewart Brand’s The Clock of the Long Now. So as you consider making a contribution we leave you with his quote:

The slow stuff is the serious stuff, but it is invisible to us quick learners. Our senses and our thinking habits are tuned to what is sudden, and oblivious to anything gradual. Between the near-impossible win of a lottery and the certain win of earning compound interest, we choose the lottery because it is sudden. The difference between fast news and slow nonnews is what makes gambling addictive. Winning is an event that we notice and base our behavior on, while the relentless losing, losing, losing is a nonevent, inspiring no particular behavior, and so we miss the real event, which is that to gamble is to lose.

What happens fast is illusion, what happens slow is reality. The job of the long view is to penetrate illusion.