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Ken Dychtwald – The Consequences Of Human Life Extension”

by Stewart Brand on December 6th, 02004

Ken Dychtwald

What long life means

Ken Dychtwald gave a terrific talk Friday evening to a standing-room audience on “The Consequences of Human Life Extension.”

The growing—and soon overwhelming—prevalence of the old in developed nations is leading to a “new old.” Ken described meeting a bright-eyed apparent 70-year-old who talked about his gym workouts. “I asked when he started, and he told me, ‘Oh, a couple years ago when I was 100. I’m getting in shape for the Senior Olympics.’ When he competed he not only won every event he entered, he set the World Record. He was alone in his age category— a two-foot shot put was the best ever. That’s typical. Everything the new old do is a first in human history…

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