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The Battle of Anghiari

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on October 23rd, 02007

Peter Paul Rubens's copy after The Battle of Anghiari

Peter Paul Rubens‘s copy of a copy of Da Vinci’s The Battle of Anghiari

I just received this update on the lost Davinci painting The Battle of Anghiari from Davide Bocelli, a Long Now member and long time friend of the Foundation in Italy… This is a good reminder how difficult it can be to preserve one of the great masterpieces in the world (done in a very permanent media). Imagine if the Da Vinci of our time is working in electronic media…

I just found the news that in Florence some researchers from the San Diego University will work next year to discover a secret fresco by Leonardo da Vinci. The masterpiece was covered by the Medici that hated the subject, but Vasari – ordered to cover the painting – decided to protect and not to delete Leonardo’s work. He left also a suggestion for the future researchers “Cerca Trova” (Search and Find – kind of time googling?? :) ) written on a flag inside the new covering fresco.

After 32 years of researche and thanks to new technologies, we could be the first generation after centuries to see one of the most impressive, copied and forgotten pieces by Leonardo.

[IT] La Repubblica Article in Italian
[EN] Wikipedia entry in English
Just one year to wait.