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Support Long-term Thinking

Before… and after

by Stuart Candy on April 18th, 02008

Online playpen colorwars is currently running a photo competition called YoungMeNowMe, which involves submitting a shot of yourself as a youngster, together with the closest possible recreation of the same setup and pose, today.


Blogger and colorwars maestro Ze Frank posts an example: “The image to the left is me at my first showing of my art at my mom’s restaurant. The image to the right is me standing in front of two images that were created using the scribbler robot at TED 2005.”

You can look through the gallery here (competition ends 20 April).

To me there’s something quite fascinating about seeing how much people change — and don’t — with the passage of time — also seen more gradually in videos like this.

This is no less true of places, maps, and buildings

(Thanks, Jake!)