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The Ten Thousand Things

by Danielle Engelman on May 28th, 02008

The Ten Thousand Things

There’s a new play debuting at the Washington Ensemble Theater in Seattle inspired by Long Now and the Clock project, written by Long Now member Paul Mullin.

“It takes place in three or four different worlds that are deeply divided by time but intimately connected by ideas. It starts out 6,000 years ago in the wilderness, then we’re at a cocktail party right now, with a playwright and Hollywood producer, then we’re in the future.” Paul Mullin

The Ten Thousand Things
An intelligent new play about the quest for deep time.
Opens Friday, May 23 at 8pm
Runs May 23 – June 16, 2008
Thursdays through Mondays, at 8pm

The play has received some excellent press, from the Seattle Times and the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

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