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Underground Wonders

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on November 13th, 02008

This is an updated post of one of my early blog entries here at the Blog of the Long Now.  Over the last couple years I have found even more amazing underground and stonework spaces. Since we hope to build the space for the 10,000 Year Clock underground, for the last 10 years I have been collecting references and images of the great, ambitious, and or inspiring underground spaces and stonework of the world (in some cases they are also lessons of what not to do). I thought I would list some of that collection here to share them, as well as ask for any recommendations or references you all might have. ( I continue to collect so please send along your favorites.)  You can click through most of the images below to collections of images or blow ups of the shown image.


Hang Son Doong

  • Eski Kermen a medieval city-stronghold in the Crimea.



Sub Base