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Human archaeological midden

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on February 19th, 02009


Paul Saffo sent in a note about this sculpture he saw on his last trip to Germany.  It reminds me of the pack rat middens archaeologists use to determine ancient climate, but made out of human relics:

While in Germany on Monday, I came across this rather remarkable sculpture by Maarten Venden Eynde. (pictured above, more about it here.)

As the artist describes it, Mo(NU)mentum is a “monument for the future, visualizing the impossibility to continue the current evolution”.  And as a rather nice touch, the plastic champagne fluter which were used to serve champagne at the dedication were collected and melted into the top layer of the piece.

It is quite evocative in person, with the feel of a giant core through a vast stratigraphic column of civilization and the natural world.      -p