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Tour of Asia in 90 Seconds

by Charlotte Hajer on June 22nd, 02012

Long Now Board Member Kevin Kelly recently went on a two-month voyage through Asia. But don’t worry – he won’t make you sit through hours of travel pictures. Instead, he’s made a video that condenses his 60-day trip into a mere 90 seconds:

Kelly took 1 second of footage for each day of his trip (2 seconds on some days) and glued them together into this short burst of color, sound, and movement. The video is an accelerated depiction of life, but also shows just how much life can be packed into a single second. A second can contain a wealth of impressions and sensations – it’s enough for a change of perspective, and enough to learn something new about the world.

As such, the video ultimately has the seeming effect of slowing down time. And of reminding us that the speed of time is relative – two months can pass by in the blink of an eye, and a second can last forever.