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Blog Archive for the year 02012

Long Now Media Update

by Austin Brown on January 5th, 02012

WATCH Rick Prelinger’s “Lost Landscapes of San Francisco 6” There is new media available from our monthly series, the Seminars About Long-term Thinking. Stewart Brand’s summaries and audio downloads or podcasts of the talks are free to the public; Long Now members can view HD video of the Seminars and comment on them.

The Expanding Frontiers of Computing

by Alex Mensing on January 5th, 02012

Advances in computing technology have led to increasingly powerful devices – a cell phone can now do what early desktop computers did not even approximate. But these developments have largely been in the form of devices, objects made of silicon and plastic. Stanford bioengineering professor Drew Endy imagines, in a New York Times article, another…  Read More

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