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Blog Archive for the year 02016

Long Now Meetup Guide

by Danielle Engelman on January 5th, 02016

Long Now has members all over the world, and one of the most frequent requests that the Foundation receives is how can members connect with each other and host conversations and events around long-term thinking in their own area. We have created this Long Now Meetup Guide to provide some broad guidelines and point to […]

Apollo 17 Digital Archive

by Andrew Warner on January 5th, 02016

Relive the sights and sounds of Apollo 17 – the final mission of NASA’s Apollo program, on its 43rd anniversary.  Ben Feist, a developer from Toronto, has built an interface to experience the Apollo 17 mission that syncs the 300 hours of mission audio, 22 hours of video, and 4,200 pictures, along with commentary. . .   Read More