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Quote of the Day: Confucius

by Casey Cripe on April 16th, 02021

Touching the Future

by Casey Cripe on April 13th, 02021

In search of a new story for the future of artificial intelligence, Long Now speaker Genevieve Bell looks back to its cybernetic origins — and keeps on looking, thousands of years into the past. . . .   Read More

Quote of the Day: David Graeber

by Casey Cripe on April 12th, 02021

. . .   Read More

Long Now Member Ignite Talks 02020

by Casey Cripe on March 22nd, 02021

With thousands of members from all around the world, from artists and writers to engineers and farmers, the Long Now community has a wide range of perspectives, stories, and experience to offer. On October 20, 02020, we heard 12 of them in a curated set of short Ignite talks given by Long Now Members. . . .   Read More