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Long Now Salon: Membership Offer for Flask Level Donors (Tuesday)

by Mikl Em on June 25th, 02013

Long Now is in the process of founding a 21st Century Salon: a social venue that celebrates long-term thinking, showcases our projects, serves delicious beverages, and inspires amazing conversations. Today you can support that effort and Long Now will give you a year’s membership as thanks. All day Tuesday, if you donate to the Salon […]

Long Now Salon Funding Update

by Mikl Em on June 19th, 02013

A week ago we announced that construction of the Long Now Salon has begun along with a new phase of fundraising to support the project. The salon is a venue for small events and big ideas, contemplation and conversation about long-term thinking, deep thoughts and inspiring beverages. We wanted to give you an update on […]

The Interval at Long Now: the Juniper Makes the Gin

by Mikl Em on December 3rd, 02012

For the Long Now Salon project artisan distillers St George Spirits helped us create a pair of distinctive spirits inspired by long-term thinking. Our gin features juniper berries we harvested from the peaks of our property on Mount Washington in eastern Nevada. In this video Lance Winters, St. George’s Master Distiller, extolls the myriad flavors […]

Long Now Salon: Not A Typical Bar

by Mikl Em on November 29th, 02012

Jillian Northrup is one half of the design-build team Because We Can who are leading the design for the Long Now Salon. She told us how designing the Salon for Long Now is different from a typical commercial bar project. See more of their design on the Because We Can site (links below).

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The Interval at Long Now Bottle Keep: Time in a Bottle

by Mikl Em on November 28th, 02012

Lance Winters, Master Distiller of St. George Spirits, says the nature of his craft is to archive the essence of a time and place. Lance has helped us make an aromatic gin featuring Juniper berries harvested amongst the 5,000 year-old Bristlecone Pines on Long Now’s Nevada site. Our gin will only be served at the […]

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