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Emerald Observatory iPad app

by Paul Saffo on December 3rd, 02010

This is my hands-down favorite clock for the iPad, and could well be the coolest astronomic/civil clock I’ve ever seen: Emerald Observatory has everything a time geek could ever want, plus everything an astro geek would want, all in a stunningly elegant interface. [decription below from Emerald] Emerald Observatory displays a wealth of astronomical […]

Elise Boulding on the “200-year present”

by Paul Saffo on July 7th, 02010

Boulding’s long-present anticipated our Long Now. It is a reminder that the core concept of being in the middle of history, rather than it’s beginning or end is a useful concept at multiple time frames, whether very long or very short.
“A favorite concept of mine is the 200-year present, a. . .   Read More

We have met the enemy and he is us

by Paul Saffo on April 24th, 02009

It has been half a year since the financial meltdown began in earnest, and everyone from Senators, to CEOs, to suffering homeowners is suffering from crisis fatigue. We face myriad perils ahead as we navigate our way out of this vast mess, but the greatest peril of all comes from our frightening adaptability. What still. . .   Read More

Daniel Suarez, “Daemon: Bot-Mediated Reality”

by Paul Saffo on August 19th, 02008

[Daniel Suarez, originally published as Leinad Zaurus, delivered a talk on the themes developed in his (originally self published) book Daemon. The book is now scheduled to be released in hard cover in January 02009 by Dutton.]

Forget about HAL-like robots enslaving humankind a few decades from now, the takeover is already underway. The. . .   Read More

Buddhist Bead Clock

by Paul Saffo on February 5th, 02008

  This is a wonderful clock concept — a bead drops every 5 minutes. I imagine that the beads are a Buddhist mala and it is used for meditation… The artist apparently hasn’t arranged to have this manufactured, but it sure would be a wonderful addition to the [Long Now] Clock store if it were […]