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Swollen Now

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on May 20th, 02008

The folks at Radio Lab have produced a good piece on time in general. It covers a lot of materia, some of it more campy than informative, but had some new info for me at least.


Spice Clock: A clock that tells you what time it is in the dark based on smells released. . .   Read More

Media Update

by Danielle Engelman on April 15th, 02008

– Craig Venter’s Long Now Seminar will be airing tomorrow, Thursday April 17th at 8pm in the usual KQED lecture slot (eg. Commonwealth and City Arts and Lectures) in the Bay Area

– Long Now was also featured in the nationally syndicated NPR Soundprint piece by Barbara Boegaev and Queena Kim in “Escape From Time” (click. . .   Read More

Paul Saffo, “Embracing Uncertainty – the secret to effective forecasting”

by Stewart Brand on January 14th, 02008

Rules of Forecasting

Reflecting on his 25 years as a forecaster, Paul Saffo pointed out that a forecaster’s job is not to predict outcomes, but to map the “cone of uncertainty” on a subject. Where are the edges of what might happen? (Uncertainty is cone-shaped because it expands as you project further into. . .   Read More

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