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The human side of climate change

by Kirk Citron on May 19th, 02009

The Long News: stories that might still matter fifty, or a hundred, or ten thousand years from now.

There have been a flurry of reports in the last few weeks which try to anticipate how climate change may impact human populations.

1. Two trends (urbanization and global warming) seem to be on a collision course. . .   Read More

Mayor Gavin Newsom, “Cities and Time”

by Stewart Brand on April 9th, 02009

Sustainable cities

Mayor Newsom began with how moved he was by hosting the UN’s World Environment Day in San Francisco in 2005. For that event, which was called “Green Cities – Plan for the Planet!”, he invited 120 mayors from around the world. Days of intense discussion led to the publication of 21 policy principles. . .   Read More

City Builder

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on March 6th, 02009

The beautifully crafted short above by Bruce Banit (via Kevin Kelly’s blog) depicts a fantastical yet believable world building interface, in a future that does not feel too far off from where Google Sketch Up is now.  As if to prove that point, Stewart Brand sent over the below reference:

 This virtual “Telematics City. . .   Read More

Dmitry Orlov, “Social Collapse Best Practices”

by Stewart Brand on February 16th, 02009

Managing social collapse

With vintage Russian black humor, Orlov described the social collapse he witnessed in Russia in the 1990s and spelled out its practical lessons for the American social collapse he sees as inevitable. The American economy in the 1990s described itself as “Goldilocks”—just the right size—when in fact is was “Tinkerbelle. . .   Read More

Rick Prelinger “Lost Landscapes of San Francisco”

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on December 20th, 02008

Four Dimensional Cities

Cities are designed and built in three dimensions. Watching Prelinger’s historic footage of San Francisco last night (to a more than overflowing crowd) reminds us however that one of the most compelling dimensions to a city is it’s fourth dimension – time.

*Note that Counter Pulse will be hosting an encore. . .   Read More

Stewart Brand on Long Now’s Nevada Clock Site

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on December 18th, 02008

Back in November of 02004 Stewart Brand gave a very comprehensive talk at TED on our plans for the Nevada Clock site.  I had never seen it until TED talks posted it just recently.  Stewart talks through each aspect of our many years of site visits out there, and how we are looking at using. . .   Read More

19 Cities with 20 Million people in the next century

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on December 5th, 02008

 Bryan Campen let me know about this new piece by the founder of the TED conference, Richard Saul Wurman called 19.20.21.  It is bascially an animated info-graphic site looking through the main demographic and resource trends, and how they will play out over the next 90 years.  Very well done. . .   Read More

The Stones of Matera

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on April 16th, 02008

I just got this great note in from our friend Davide Bocelli in Italy…
Dear Alexander,

I was thinking about “Long Now” and “housing” and I found a page on wikipedia on the very ancient town of Matera with her multimillenial heart. In Italian we call this place “Sassi di Matera” (the Stones of Matera. . .   Read More

Berlin Time Machine

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on April 2nd, 02008

Stewart Brand sent in this spiffy UCLA project that uses historical interactive maps of Berlin through time. This is part of a larger trend I have seen from many governments and municipalities to use modern geographical information systems (GIS) to not only create maps of what is there, but to add the time element to. . .   Read More

San Francisco 02108

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on March 4th, 02008

Our friend Scott Beale over at Squidlist has a write up on the winner of the History Channel’s City of the Future contest. The honors go to IwamotoScott Architecture’s Hydro-Net concept netting $10,000 for their win. While a lot of the ideas are pretty interesting the “hydrogen fueled hover cars” part. . .   Read More