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Tracking our little heres for the long now

by Stephanie Gerson on February 29th, 02008

Artist collaborative plan b makes location-specific works and performances exploring the dynamics of narrative and time. It is composed of artist partners Daniel Rogers and Sophia New; Daniel has been carrying GPS trackers with him everywhere since 2003, and Sophia since 2007. They visualize GPS data by translating time-stamped coordinates into lines, and. . .   Read More

Generational Building

by Kevin Kelly on September 26th, 02007

Lisa Chamberblain writing in the New York Times in an article Planned City Rises Within a City in the Southwest reports on the work of Peter Calthorpe, an urban architect who has long advocated mixed use, green sensibilities, and a long-now perspective. (I used to rent the lower half of Peter’s houseboat in. . .   Read More

Cistern Circles of San Francisco

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on September 19th, 02007

I have often wondered what the brick circles along many of the streets in San Francisco are. I had always thought they were some kind of historical marker. It turns out they represent a nice piece of long term civic planning and disaster preparedness. Each one marks a 75,000 gallon cistern that is an. . .   Read More

35-year Time Lapse of Tokyo Skyline

by Kevin Kelly on September 10th, 02007

This 10 second time lapse compresses 35 years of skyscraper construction in Shinjuku district of Tokyo. It’s worth watching several times. Watch on YouTube or click here. . .   Read More

Thinking long, building big

by Stuart Candy on July 11th, 02007

Projected view of New York’s skyline after constructionof Ground Zero Memorial :: image from

Here at The Long Now we’re always interested in large-scale, ambitious architecture projects, partly because, of course, designing and building the 10,000-year Clock of the Long Now offers a few large-scale challenges of. . .   Read More


by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on June 21st, 02007

Continuing our series of posts on “Long Shorts” (short movies that expand our notion of the future). I came across this series on the Discovery Channel. While over produced, dramatized, and sensational, this is the first of these types of programs that I can remember pushing out this far. It seems that back in the. . .   Read More

Urbanization timeline/map

by Alexander Rose - Twitter: @zander on May 24th, 02007

Submitted by Stewart Brand this interactive urbanization map and timeline is a nice tool for visualizing how cities have been groing over the last 60 years. I would love to see the millennial version. . .   Read More

Steven Johnson, Consilience defeats miasma

by Stewart Brand on May 15th, 02007

Consilience defeats miasma

Steven Johnson began his long zoom survey with the “prior art” of Joyce’s Stephen Daedalus locating himself in himself, his neighborhood, Dublin, on out to the universe. The value of a long zoom is in identifying and employing every scale between the very large and very small, noticing how they change. . .   Read More

Robert Neuwirth – “The 21st Century Medieval City”

by Stewart Brand on June 13th, 02005

World squatter reality

Humanity is urbanizing at a world-changing pace and in a world-changing way. A billion squatters are re-inventing their lives and their cities simultaneously. One of the few to experience the range of the phenomenon first hand is Robert Neuwirth, author of SHADOW CITIES: A BILLION SQUATTERS, A NEW URBAN. . .   Read More

Stewart Brand – “Cities And Time”

by Simone Davalos on April 11th, 02005

A world made of cities

Cities are the human organizations with the greatest longevity but also the fastest rate of change. Just now the world is going massively and unstoppably urban (governments everywhere are trying to stop it, with zero success). In a globalized world, city states are re-emerging as a dominant economic player. . .   Read More

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